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The FruitGuys Fresh Produce Boxes

Everyone always talks about wishing they ate more healthy food, but it seems less common to change certain habits that are dietary pitfalls.

Consider for a moment staff rooms and our workplaces.  If someone brings in food to share, or if it’s someone’s birthday, or if you’re celebrating something as a group, what type of food do you have?  Cake, cookies, chips, candy or soda, right?  I’ve noticed that often this leaves us feeling lethargic and guilty, evolving into a discussion about wanting to eat healthier.

The FruitGuys is an awesome company that strives to change this experience across staff lounges, dorm rooms, and kitchens across the country. They work closely with farmers all over the country to ensure that they buy fruit local to the regions that they serve. 70-90% of their fruit mixes are locally grown within the three regions they serve (East Coast, Midwest, West Coast).  There is a great variety of fruit offered which makes the box colorful, exciting and likely to please anyone.

What’s more, their boxes are moving from 70% to 100% post recyclable and can be “eaten” by the earth in the same way their fruit is eaten. All of the insulation and padding in the crates are made from cornstarch and can be degraded easily and properly.

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