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Wine Rack for Hanging on Wall

This is the wine rack we have hanging at home.

The story of its acquisition is typical of young adults, I suppose.  My fiance’s old roommate had gotten it from a girl he was seeing, along with a sketch of a nude woman that went behind the wine rack.  I think this girl had been an artist and the sketch was her own, though I’m hazy on that detail. In any case, it fit the aesthetic of their Upper East Side bachelor pad.

My fiance’s old roommate and this girl broke up, and a while later the lease was up and the roommates parted ways.  We ended up with the wine rack (intentionally or unintentionally I have no idea) and we did away with the nude sketch.  Now it hangs in our apartment.  We only keep empty bottles on it because we’re not sure how strong the wall and nails are.

Picnic Backpack with Cooler

This Picnic by Ascot Hampton Ultimate Picnic Backpack Cooler is now hanging in our closet, thanks to some dear North Carolina friends.  Add some wine, cheese, fruit, a frisbee and a park and there you have an afternoon.

Add this to my growing list of Reasons to Anticipate Spring.

Chrome Baker’s Rack, Shelf

I’m thinking of buying this Baker’s Rack for our kitchen.

It would be nice to have more space for, you know, stuff.

Snarky Manilla Folders for the Office

These file folders pretty much sum up how it feels to be back at work after the holidays holidays.

Anyone else agree?

P.S. Is it Friday yet?

Party Spread: Labels are helpful

When I throw a party, I like to label the foods in the spread. On a basic level, this communicates to everyone what the foods are (which is especially appreciated by any guests with allergies).

Moreover, labels are a convenient way to show off to your friends certain ingredients or recipe techniques. Certainly not everyone cares enough about food/cooking to do this, but in a circle of friends where crystallized orange peels and homemade crackers could be impressive and/or interesting, labels are good to use.

With labels, you don’t have to spend the party repeating yourself over and over, or trying to remember to tell someone that the dip has ham in itwhoops, too late— is miraculously vegetarian.

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