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Melitta Café Collection: Ready Set Joe!

Melitta‘s Café Collection is so beautiful, no?  Thanks to Jessica we’ve been able to try the Classique Supreme and Parisian Vanilla.  Both are very fine grinds with lots of flavor.  The vanilla scent wafted through our whole apartment!

Melitta also has this cute “Ready Set Joe” personal brewing apparatus.  We’ve switched to using this instead of our french press for days that we only want a small amount of coffee, or if we want to “brew” different kinds of coffee for different people.  So convenient- just pour in hot water from the tea kettle and it’s ready in a minute.

Electric Tea Kettle by Chef’s Choice

Isn’t this tea kettle beautiful?  It’s electric, but unlike most I’ve seen it’s clear so you can see the water come to a boil.

Made by Chef’s Choice and ranked #1 of 25 by Good Housekeeping.


Produce in Season Chart

Produce in Season from Foundry:

Keep track of the freshest produce in season. Display it in your kitchen, or keep it tucked away with your favourite recipe books and your culinary delights will never have tasted so good.

As you may have guessed by the spelling of favourite, Foundry’s not an American company.  In fact, it’s Australian with Italian and Dutch influences.  Which leads me to believe that “Produce in Season” may be obselete (or at best, confusing) for those of us in the US.

Still, we can all appreciate pretty charts with fun information to read after we’ve memorized the cereal box.  (Or Marmite bottle or clotted cream liter litre or whatever.)

(Via SwissMiss)

Snack Ball for Kids and Adults Alike

Snack Ball, made by Boon and sold on Land of Nod, is pretty dang cute.  And just $6.49.

While marketed for little people, a lot of big people could use this, too.  Throw it in your bag for a snack on the run.  It would coordinate well with the banana carrier;  add a half-pint of milk and you’d have a portable breakfast.

I’m generally anti-plastic but at least this plastic is BPA-free.

Banana Saver Carrier: Bruise shield!

Banana Saver is a reusable plastic container that snaps around a banana to shield it from bruises during transport.  Perfect for the lunchbox/brown bag set. $3.95.

Nothing ruins a banana like a big brown smush.

(Via Well Fed Network)

All Edges Brownie Pan

A brownie and blondie pan that bakes a whole pan of edged brownies makes me think of one person: my mom.

She loves edged brownes.  She also has a tendency to find gifts she hid too well prior to Christmas which end up as surprise gifts around this time of year.

Now that I’m “all grown up” and we exchange gifts equally, it’s probably time I start giving back the mid-January gift tradition.  It’s actually a pretty swell holiday to add to the calendar.  Especially when it involves brownies.

Baker’s Edge, $34.95

Little Chef Kit: Books, apron, whisk

Little Chef Kit/Pots and Pans Gift Set for the budding kid chef:

  • Zookies Cooking Apron Set with a wisk, measuring spoons, two cookie cutters, chalk and a recipe book
  • Sassafras Cookie Making Set

I wish there were sets with adult-sized aprons!

Citibabes Store, $95

25 Days of Christmas Gifts: Wine Thermometer

Whenever I was invited to a birthday party as a child, my mom took me to Target and let me roam free to choose a gift in the $12 range (a price that didn’t seem arbitrary until now; I guess I figured this was a universal birthday-gift-giving-price). Problem was, I always came back with a gift I wanted for myself and I would be upset, and inexplicably shocked, to have to part with it.

So the story would continue, as an adult, with this wine thermometer. It clamps right onto a standard wine bottle and compares the bottle’s actual temperature against guidelines for chardonnay, pinot noir, and port, among others.

Best of all, it’s just $9.50. Enough money left to add a card (or a chocolate bar).

Ceramic Teapot with Speckled Glaze

What a gorgeous teapot! Practical, too: microwave/dishwasher/oven safe!

By San Fernando Valley, California-based Alina Hayes on Etsy.

gEtsy on Etsy: Crocheted trivet of purple grapes

A trivet for hot items going from the kitchen to the dining table.

I think this would be perfect for brunch table setting, holding a cheesy egg casserole or baked fruit.

Crocheted by Easton, Pennsylvania-based artist ErikaM77 on Etsy.

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