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“Pick Your Nose” Paper Cups for a Party

Pick Your Nose Cups are the best thing I’ve seen this week.

Who knows how to liven up a party? YOU do! Each of these photo-?realistic paper cups comes emblazoned with a new nose. When ?you tip your head to take a drink – voila – you get an instant nose ?job, and a chuckle from the crowd. Remember, never turn your nose ?up at a good laugh!

  1. There are 24 12-oz. cups in each pack, evenly ?divided between male and female proboscises (errr, noses).
  2. Packed ?in a nice clear box.

Sirtified, $9

St. Patrick’s Day Frosted Glass Mug

St. Patrick’s Day is just 40 days away.  Get ready with this Paddy is My Homeboy Frosted Glass Mug, certain to delight your friends and bartenders.

Hand-Woven Table Runner

Hand-Woven Table Runner by Frederick, South Dakota-based Annikki Marttila, a.k.a. Finnish Weaver on Etsy.  It’s on sale for $38.

I love table runners because they look nice during mealtime and non-mealtime alike.  They can be complemented by placemats, but that’s optional.  I love the colors in this runner; bright but neutral.

My aunt Peggy also lives in South Dakota, near the border with Wyoming, and is a talented weaver.  She gave me a beautiful grey rug on one condition: that I would use it.  She didn’t want me to keep it on a shelf to “preserve” it.  Its tag reads: “By Peggy and Her Sheep.”

Ikea Celeber Soy Sauce Pitcher

CELEBER Soy Sauce Pitcher with Saucer from Ikea, $7.99.

I think it would be friends with Chicken Feet Salt and Pepper Shakers, don’t you?

Wine Cork Trivet

Streamline Wine Cork Trivet is just $11 and puts to use wine corks you may want to keep to remember special bottles.  I think it would look nice on a table and is also functional for serving food from hot pots and pans.

Divided Dishes: Picky eaters rejoice!

“Dish Up” dinnerware by Chaiyut Plypetch will appeal to a variety of people:

1. Picky eaters.  No more sauces and juices colliding in the middle of the plate!

2. Space-challenged kitchen owners.  Dishes can be stored and stacked vertically.

3. Lovers of art and geometry.  The dining table is your canvas.

(Via Restaurant Girl)

Beer Bottle Glasses: Recycled, reusable art

Aren’t these beer bottle glasses awesome?  Greensboro, NC-based Bodhicitta (on Etsy) melts and fires glass bottles and recreates them into entirely smooth, reusable glasses for juice, milk, water, wine, soda… or beer, if you’re a thinking-inside-the-box type.

I’m not a beer person, but I love the colors and designs.  And little makes me happier than recycling via sustainable re-use.

Chandelier Sticker Decal

I kind of want one of these chandelier decals above my dining table.

By Cincinnati-based Single Stone Studios on Etsy.

Chicken Feet Salt & Pepper Shakers

Gobble, gobble… no wait, that’s turkeys.

Cockadoodle doo!  But isn’t that just roosters?

(…Google search turns up Burger King Ad….)

What do chickens say?  How ’bout some salt and pepper?

Sigh.  A holiday away from New York should do me good.

Perch! Design via Cog & Pearl, $48

Martini Glass, Inside Out

Hooray, a martini glass that still looks tres chic while being less prone to breakage, spillage and drink-becoming-likewarm-by-clammy-handage.

Charles & Marie, $55 for two

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