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About Hilary

There are two kinds of bloggers: those who drone on and on and those who get to the point.

Hilary loves to cook, grocery shop, go out to eat, sample products, organize, and make things look pretty.

She writes concise, interesting and useful posts. Sometimes they’re funny, too.

She comes from a Swedish family. But speaks Spanish.

She lives in New York City. But travels a lot.

Hilary loves getting mail. Email her at Hilary AT Smorgasbite DOT com.

She is occasionally nostalgic for her roller skating days.

5 thoughts on “About Hilary

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  4. Thanks for the pic! We were there last year, my husband actually backtracked just so I could spend an hour in Fiestaware paradise! It’s hard getting it in Hawaii, it’s very limited so finding your blog and finding out about the store in Missoula, that was brilliant! Un millon de gracias!! Espero volver pronto para poder comprar y disfrutar de mas colores. Again mahalo, thank you!!
    Marci 🙂

  5. Miss the updates – it one of my favorite blogs….well..this and Food 52. Hey maybe you can include some recipes for fat back and other favorites from the south!

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