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1800 Tequila Essential Artists Bottles

Happy Halloween!  I came across some creative and somewhat spooky Essential Artists Bottles from 1800 Tequila that would be awesome for celebrating tonight.

Eleven up and coming artists contributed their designs to create these limited-edition masterpieces – with one celebrity bottle designed by Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One.  The grand prize winner was Steven Wilson whose bottle is front and center in the picture.

My favorite is Chad Shore’s (featuring the woman with dark hair, fifth from right).

View the whole collection here.  Which is your favorite?

Melitta Café Collection: Ready Set Joe!

Melitta‘s Café Collection is so beautiful, no?  Thanks to Jessica we’ve been able to try the Classique Supreme and Parisian Vanilla.  Both are very fine grinds with lots of flavor.  The vanilla scent wafted through our whole apartment!

Melitta also has this cute “Ready Set Joe” personal brewing apparatus.  We’ve switched to using this instead of our french press for days that we only want a small amount of coffee, or if we want to “brew” different kinds of coffee for different people.  So convenient- just pour in hot water from the tea kettle and it’s ready in a minute.

18Rabbits Granola Bars

18Rabbits knows how to make delicious granola bars!

From the two flavors I’ve tried (pictured), the ingredients were extremely fresh and the fillings were large plentiful, just the way I like it.

And really, anyone who offers me figs wins my heart.  Thanks, Kelsey, for sending these bars to me.

Orange Red Carrot Raw Green Bush Tea

Currently loving Republic of Tea‘s new Raw Green Bush Tea– the Orange Red Carrot flavor.


Pretzel Crisps Make Fun Appetizers

Check out new Pretzel Crisps by the makers of New York Style Bagel Chips and Pita chips!

They’re perfect for fun appetizers.  Above left is smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill atop an “Everything”-flavored pretzel crisp.  Above left is jalapeno cheddar and salami atop an Original flavor.  More pairing ideas on the website.

I’m not a huge pretzel person, but I preferred this shape (and ease of adding other flavors) compared to regular pretzels.  I served them with a cheesy sage dip at a recent dinner party and people seemed to enjoy them.  Thanks to Shaina for sending some samples my way.

Where to Buy Bovril in NYC?

Who knows where Bovril is for sale in NYC?

Tea & Sympathy perhaps?  Does anyone know?

My grandparents-in-law use it in beef stew but it hasn’t been easy to find lately.

Einkorn Ancient Whole Wheat Pasta by Jovial

I’m a fan of whole grain pastas.  The indulgence and comfort of warm pasta, with extra nutrition?  Works for me.

I was happy to test out some new Einkorn Pasta by Jovial, thanks to Lisa.

Jovial proudly presents First Ever™ Whole Grain Einkorn Pasta, made from the world’s most ancient wheat, first cultivated 12,000 years ago at the birth of agriculture.  The resulting products are wholesome, nutritious and surprisingly delicious. Einkorn was lost in time when new varieties of wheat with much higher yields were created by natural and commercial hybridization. In developing the Jovial™ brand, the company’s founders decided it was time to go beyond organic and take a closer look to find the purest of plant varieties.

    Einkorn Nutritional Highlights

    • High in Thiamin, essential dietary and trace minerals.
    • Good source of protein, dietary fiber and a number of B Vitamins.
    • Higher Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC-antioxidant capacities) twice that of durum and bread wheat.
    • Higher content of tocotrienols than other species of wheat, a potent form of Vitamin E.
    • Lower percentage of nutrient loss during processing
    • One 2oz. serving contains as much of the antioxidant Lutein as a whole egg (which provides nutritional support to our eyes and skin).

And how about the taste?  Hearty and flavorful, in my opinion.  That said, someone who loves “regular” white pasta may not appreciate the difference.  But anyone who already enjoys whole grain pasta might want to check this out!

CoverMate Food Covers

A while back I was fortunate to receive some CoverMate® Food Covers in the mail to try out.

They’re springy plastic covers that fit over plates and bowls.  They could probably also double as shower caps (though I did not test this theory).

The Variety Pack is a handy assortment of four sizes, which I found really do fit just about anything.  The smallest fit nicely over a custard cup of leftover lemon slices while the largest fit around a large roasting pan.

They’re reusable and washable, though I admit that laziness had me throwing a few into the trash as they got dirty.  Now I’m all out and really missing them!  Saran wrap just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore.

Geeta’s Pineapple and Papaya Orange Chutneys

At Whole Foods recently I saw these chutneys on discount due to be discontinued.  The average shopper may be dissuaded by this fact, but I am not the average shopper.  Plus, I love chutneys.  And discounts.

Geeta’s Pineapple Chutney is sweet and mellow.  My only complaint is that the cloves were big and hard to chew.  I ended up eating around the cloves.  Maybe you’re not supposed to eat them in the first place?

Geeta’s Papaya Orange Chutney is spicier (my jar actually said “medium” even though the jar of this flavor above says “mild.”)  It also has a lot of different textures: soft papaya, chewy orange rind, and then again some really annoying cloves and big old cardamom pods.

I love spices and bold flavors- but I think that ground spices are better than whole for chutneys.

I notice on Geeta’s website other cool flavors such as tamarind and mango.  Will have to check those out.

FEVER: Fruity, Energizing Beverage

Fever is a new beverage that claims to produce feelings of pleasure and euphoria.

It comes in three flavors:  Kiwi + Strawberry, Pineapple + Coconut, and Mango + Banana.

I tried the Mango + Banana and I liked the flavor.  I can’t say that I felt much effect in terms of energy or mood, but I think I’m a bad judge of this kind of thing.  I also don’t feel much effect from coffee/caffeine.  And, I’m pretty much in a good mood 95% of the time.

Thanks to Lauren for sending me a bottle to sample.

Available at GNC. If you try a bottle, let me know if you feel happier or more energized.

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