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Ann Clark Cookie Cutters from Vermont

Ann Clark Ltd. is one of the leading cookie cutter companies in the United States with an impressive line of cookie cutters that are made in Vermont and sold around the world.  Their charming motto is “Make More Cookies.”  Okay!

They seem to have thought of everything: from acorns and airplanes to the state of Texas and a watering can, Ann Clark probably has whatever hobby or inside joke you aim to shape your cookies into.

I tried out a few of her cutters (thanks, Elizabeth!) and found them to be high quality.  The metal is well manufactured, staying solid and level as you push it into the dough.  The edges are sharp enough to aid you but not too sharp to use with children.

Reasonably priced at about $3.99, each cutter comes nicely packaged with a recipe attached.  It makes a very nice gift for children and adults alike, for any holiday or “just because.”

The company also has a blog– check it out!

Fondue in Vermont Last Autumn

Lately I’ve been missing being outside.  Scurrying among buildings and subway stations in the cold does not count.

So this photograph is a lovely escape.  I took it in September when we were in southern Vermont, visiting our good friends Emily and Ellen who had moved there from New York City two months prior.

The weekend was packed with beautiful sites, good conversation and delicious eats- including this table of appetizers one evening before dinner.  Ridiculously rich gouda fondue, homemade croutons, organic apple slices from the orchard we’d visited that morning, green olives, and a full-bodied red wine.

All this we enjoyed around a fire in their backyard as their labradoodle, Scout, begged for samples.  Aaaahh.

These days I’ve nearly forgotten what it’s like for daylight to stay past 5pm.

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