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Seventh Generation Cleaning Product New Labels

Seventh Generation‘s Blog, 7Gen, announced this week that its cleaning products will be unveiling newly designed labels in 2009.  This is a sneak peak.

The new packaging looks a bit simpler/sleeker/cleaner (pardon the pun), a la Method, though it’s not a drastic change.

Speaking of sleek packaging, I still really want a Sorapot.  So does my friend Zarina, as she confessed last week over a blood orange margarita at Chestnut.

I use Seventh Generation detergent in our mini-dishwasher and I think it works great.  Then again, it’s been so long since I used the regular, toxic stuff, take my recommendation with a grain of crusty rice.

Sorapot Teapot: Packaging our aspirations

This morning I learned about product packaging at Creative Mornings, curated by Tina Roth Eisenberg of SwissMiss and hosted by Naked in Soho.

Designer Joey Roth spoke (via web video streaming) about his Sorapot teapot.  The outer box is solid tan with twine with no photographs, instructions or specifications.  Apparently this simplistic approach has been well received.

I think minimalist packaging is particularly well suited to a teapot.  People buying teapots want to clear their diets of processed foods, anti-oxidize, simplify their lives, minimize the clutter of loud colors and sounds, be Zen in the face of chaos.  Neutral packaging is the first step of a cleansing experience.

My take is that packaging is more about who we aspire to be than who we currently are.  That’s the backbone of a consumer society, I suppose; there’s always room for personal improvement and there’s always stuff to buy.

Still, I want this teapot.

Ceramic Teapot with Speckled Glaze

What a gorgeous teapot! Practical, too: microwave/dishwasher/oven safe!

By San Fernando Valley, California-based Alina Hayes on Etsy.

Etsy Apron: Red, white and classy all over

I love the website Etsy to discover unique, handmade goods from individuals all over the world.

Spoons Apron- red is the handiwork of Cape Town, South Africa artist skinnylaminx.

I love the teapot as an added photo element. She seems like a woman who would be comforting to talk to.

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