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Orange Red Carrot Raw Green Bush Tea

Currently loving Republic of Tea‘s new Raw Green Bush Tea– the Orange Red Carrot flavor.


Elizabowl Fruit Bowl, Expandable

Elizabowl Fruit Bowl can be expanded or shrunk depending on how much fruit you have.

Its designer, Sarah O’Brien, is just out of college and already has an impressive portfolio and several awards.

Watch a You Tube demonstration of this bowl with a peppy soundtrack.

Dwarf Orange, Lemon, Lime Trees

A citrus tree would be a great buffer against the letdown that generally comes after the holidays.  January and February are loooong months, even in non-Leap Years.

Unfortunately they’re only recommended for planting in Zones 8-11, which are least affected by Seasonal Affect Disorder.  And are home to the tannest people.  Unfair.

Varieties available: Meyer Lemon, Clementine Mandarin, Trovita Orange, Yuzu and Mexican Lime.

Sur La Table, $60

Wise Ol’ Owl Cookie Jar

Wise Ol’ Owl Cookie Jar is allowed to take up precious kitchen counter space.

As long as he doesn’t judge how many cookies I eat.

Anthropologie, $128

Stuffed Spanish Olives via AJ Gourmet

Olives by La Novia Del Sol (via AJ Gourmet Foods) are not your typical jarred olives.

They render fancy olive-bar olives (even Mario Batali restaurant olives) rather… uninspiring.

Really, how can you beat Feta-Stuffed Green Spanish Olives?

Perhaps with Orange-Stuffed Olives?

Strike that, my favorite is the unabashedly-picante Habanero Pepper-Stuffed Olives.

Olive lovers rejoice!

AJ Gourmet Foods, $5.99 per jar (discounts for larger quantities)

Thanksgiving Tablecloth: Orange with vines

This deep orange cloth would be a simple but rich foundation for a Thanksgiving table setting.

From Bellingham, Washington-based artist margotbianca on Etsy.

No Loves It: Zenergize

Even optimists can’t like everything.

Case in point: Zenergize Energy+ Orange Squeeze Flavor. It tastes like an orange-colored alka seltzer, unsweetened.

While I appreciate its lack of artificial sweeteners, a whole tablet is hard to get down. Even knowing it has many vitamins and minerals, I couldn’t help but feel that I’d rather swallow a multi-vitamin tablet. In addition, the Zenergize disc doesn’t dissolve easily, causing unfortunate clumping and odd swallows of flavor.

I’m hoping that some of the other flavors are better, because some do sound more promising: raspberry, peach, and acai+pomegranate.

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