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Zukay Life Foods Vegetable and Herb Salad Dressings

Zukay Live Foods has a really exciting line of salad dressings that I have been looking forward to posting about since before I even tried them.  I first heard about them from the product blog of the Park Slope Food Coop where, like much of the NYC metropolitan area’s population, I was at one time a member.

As the brad name implies, Zukay Live Foods’ salad dressings are made from, well, live ingredients.  100% raw and vegan, they’re a mixture of fermented vegetables and herbs without added fats or sugars.  They are only about 5 calories per serving.  So, they’re wonderful alone or for mixing with your desired amount of olive oil (or other variety of oil).

Another use I discovered was mixing them with hummus to make a dip.  Delicious!

Let’s get on to the flavors. There are six:

Carrot Ginger

Tomato Provencal (with kalamata olives and herbs de Provence)

Sweet Onion Basil

Cucumber Mint

Tomato Pepper Pesto

Red Pepper Cilantro

I have sampled the first four (thanks, Scott!) and can vouch for the freshness, vibrancy and wonderfulness of each.  I have no doubt the last two are delicious as well.  The bottles “hiss” a bit when you open them- proof of their “life”!- and they have very herby, lively aromas.

Learn more at Zukay Live Foods, where you can also place an order.


Explorer’s Bounty Tribal Stone Yuca Crackers

I recently had the opportunity to try Explorer’s Bounty Tribal Stone Crackers, made from yuca and 100% certified organic. These are gluten-free crackers with no added sweeteners and fat free.

Thanks for Dawn for sending these to me for free and for providing me with the following information on Yuca (which I’ve learned is not the same as yucca):

“A starchy tuberous root, Yuca (also known as cassava) has earned the distinction of being the third largest source of carbohydrates for human food in the world. The root contains significantly more fiber content than a potato.”

I sampled four flavors: original, cinnamon, garlic and onion.  I think they are best paired with toppings or dips as the crackers themselves are pretty subtle.  I enjoyed the garlic and onion varieties with brie and roasted red pepper.  Meanwhile, I put peanut butter and a drizzle of agave nectar on top of the cinnamon variety.  I dipped the original flavor in hummus.

One thing to note is that the crackers are pretty crumbly.  It’s wise to have a plate beneath your mouth as you bite lest crumbs and toppings fall onto your shirt.  This is just speculation, of course 😉

Here’s another cool thing about this product:

“Tribal Stone Crackers are manufactured through a Manción partnership. A region of Hispaniola, in Manción charcoal is used as the primary energy source. There, however, the facility that produces the Explorer’s Bounty line of Tribal Stone Crackers has converted away from charcoal energy. Instead, it harnesses natural and organic sources like those obtained from Macadamia nut shells. It is this organic process that is used in the manufacturing of Tribal Stone Crackers. Good for you, good for the planet.”

Overall, I really enjoyed these Yuca crackers and would definitely buy them in the future.

Pirate’s Booty: New Yummy Flavors!

I have enjoyed Pirate’s Booty puffed rice and corn snacks for some time now.  The Aged White Cheddar and Veggie flavors always hit the spot.

So I was delighted to discover that two new flavors of Pirate’s Booty are hitting the shores:

1. Bermuda Onion – Subtly seasoned with garlic, green chives and sweet Bermuda onions
2. Sea Salt & Vinegar – Subtly flavored with aged balsamic vinegar and coarsely ground sea salt

Ahoy, matey, they’re delicious!

Best yet, they’re all-natural, baked, 130 calories per serving (which is a surprisingly copious 1-ounce portion), trans-fat-free and gluten free.

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