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Wine Bottle Labels: Funnier than I

My crazily-talented friend Ellie designed wine labels for her design company, Flywheel, to give away for holiday gifts.

I’m full of indecision.  Whether I could justify becoming a client-quickly!-to get a leftover bottle of this awesome wine.

Whether I’d choose the wine that complements beef or duck or pork.

Whether I could ever be as funny as the backside of the label:

Popptag Wine Tags: Gifts and re-gifts

The next time you arrive at a party, bottle of red/white/bubbly in hand, surprise your hosts with Popptags.

Special Popptags for the holiday season include: 

              ‘Tis the season to get tipsy!

              You deserve the best.  I could afford this.  Happy Holidays!

Poppags, 3 for $9.95

Party Spread: Labels are helpful

When I throw a party, I like to label the foods in the spread. On a basic level, this communicates to everyone what the foods are (which is especially appreciated by any guests with allergies).

Moreover, labels are a convenient way to show off to your friends certain ingredients or recipe techniques. Certainly not everyone cares enough about food/cooking to do this, but in a circle of friends where crystallized orange peels and homemade crackers could be impressive and/or interesting, labels are good to use.

With labels, you don’t have to spend the party repeating yourself over and over, or trying to remember to tell someone that the dip has ham in itwhoops, too late— is miraculously vegetarian.

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