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The Republic of Tea: Superflower Hibiscus

With a picture like this, words seem inadequate by comparison.  Still, I’ll try.  The Republic of Tea has a beautiful and tasty new line of Hibiscus Superflower teas.  Made from Nigerian hibiscus flowers, these herbal teas are rich in Vitamin C and minerals and are caffeine-free.

There are five flavors: natural hibiscus, blueberry, key lime, vanilla apple, and pineapple lychee.

I was lucky enough to be sent a sample of the blueberry by the kind folks at The Republic of Tea.  (How could you work at a place like that and not be a kind and lovely person?)

I was delighted upon brewing my first cup to see that the color is a beautiful redish-purple.  The taste is very refreshing: a bit fruity, a bit sweet, a bit tart.  I’ve been enjoying it hot but as of today- hallelujah, warm weather in NYC!- I just tried some iced.  I am going to be drinking a lot of this come summer and I’m eager to try the other flavors.

Book Club: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Natural Home Remedies

My long absence from Smorgasbite has been sad, but three happy things came in its place:

1. I got married.

2. I went on a lovely honeymoon to the Mayan Riviera.

3. I started and finished a book for the first time in a very, very [embarrassingly] long time.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Natural Home Remedies (Penguin) had been on my list for a while, and I brought it along to Mexico over others on the list (War and Peace, The End of Poverty) for its ease of reading on the beach with margarita in hand.  (Sadly, I couldn’t double fist since I had to hold the book.)

It turned out that this book was great honeymoon reading material for another reason, too.  Because we were looking forward to how our lives would be different as a married couple, and because he ended up reading this book too (Germs, Guns and Steel isn’t the most fun honeymoon read, it turns out), we decided on a few things based on what we read.

1. Make a ritual of drinking tea.

2. Don’t be afraid of taking herbs!

3. Get out of the rut of eating the same 5 vegetables.

What wild and crazy newlyweds we are.  Watch out New York!

Reusable Produce and Bulk Foods Bags

Happy Vegetable Reusable Bags in Red by Seattle-based Wunderthunder are a fabulous idea.  It seems Meagan and Sasha have thought of everything:

This is a set of four reusable vegetable bags including a bonus herb bag.  Made from preshrunk recycled cotton muslin with an organic cotton drawstring.  Drawn and screen-printed at our home with water-based ink on preshrunk and recycled cotton muslin.  A great biodegradable alternative to plastic bags!  Easy and fun to use! Entertain your local grocer!

Take to the farmer’s market to bag your apples, cabbage, limes, lettuce, snap peas, or radishes without that horrible plastic bag guilt. Perfect for the bulk aisle of the grocery store for lugging home a bunch of bulk cereal, rice, pasta, flour, or even gummy sharks and chocolate bits.

Use the little herb bag to purchase cheap bulk herbs or teas. Take it to your local herbalist store and bring home some medicinal herbs to clean out your liver!

They won’t effect the scale at the grocery store either!
The large bag weighs .75 oz, the medium .45 oz, and the small .25 oz. The largest bag will add .001 lb.

In your set of four you will receive:
Large 10” x 12”
Medium 6” x 10”
Small 6” x 5.5”
Herb 3.5” x 5”

All sizes have a drawstring except for the little one!

Machine washable, tumble dry.

Etsy, $20 for the set of 4 bags (purchase here)

Mobile Foodie Survival Kit: Organic spices

The perfect gift for your favorite Frequent-Flyer-with-Taste-Buds: Mobile Foodie Survival Kit.

Never suffer from bland road food again! The Organic Mobile Foodie Kit features small pots of organic basil, cayenne, cinnamon, ground cloves, curry, dill, granulated garlic, ginger, mustard powder, nutmeg, onion powder, oregano, paprika, pepper, and thyme; plus sea salt, wasabi powder, and Tabasco sauce. Packaged in a slim aluminum tin, with a key to which is which.

This would also be convenient for people who rent beach/mountain houses with kitchens; just throw this together with ingredients you pick up at the nearest grocery store and get cookin’.

Flight 001, $35

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