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1800 Tequila Essential Artists Bottles

Happy Halloween!  I came across some creative and somewhat spooky Essential Artists Bottles from 1800 Tequila that would be awesome for celebrating tonight.

Eleven up and coming artists contributed their designs to create these limited-edition masterpieces – with one celebrity bottle designed by Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One.  The grand prize winner was Steven Wilson whose bottle is front and center in the picture.

My favorite is Chad Shore’s (featuring the woman with dark hair, fifth from right).

View the whole collection here.  Which is your favorite?

Halloween Season: Love it or hate it

There are two types of people: those who love Halloween and those who don’t.

I love Halloween. I love seeing kids dress up, I love seeing families mill around outside after dark, and I love how it makes people come out of their shells. Halloween is an excuse for people to meet each other, laugh with strangers and make a “to do” about not much.

I am an “out of my shell” person by nature. Extroverted, chatty, animated, easy going: all of the above. For as long as you’ll listen, I’ll tell you pretty much anything, even if I just met you. For me, Halloween is a day that everyone else acts a little more like me.

I once heard that a good indicator of your character is if you would want to be good friends with yourself.

So I guess my answer would be yes, and it wouldn’t even have to be Halloween.

Though I like costumes.

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