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Avoiding Treats? Gift them to parrots

Holiday parties over the past few weeks inevitably have people grumbling about how they’ve eaten too many treats.

But treats are fun!  And you have people left on your gift list!

Here’s a solution.  Give treats to parrots who need them at the Best Friends Animal Society on behalf of your carb-conscious yet animal-loving friends.

Changing the Present, $5


Martini Glass, Inside Out

Hooray, a martini glass that still looks tres chic while being less prone to breakage, spillage and drink-becoming-likewarm-by-clammy-handage.

Charles & Marie, $55 for two

High Heel Cake Server

High Heel Cake Server will divert everyone’s attention as you struggle to keep that tricky first piece of cake intact from platter to plate.

Patina, $15.95

Wise Ol’ Owl Cookie Jar

Wise Ol’ Owl Cookie Jar is allowed to take up precious kitchen counter space.

As long as he doesn’t judge how many cookies I eat.

Anthropologie, $128

25 Days of Christmas Gifts Continues

Thank you, someecards, for explaining why Smorgasbite’s 25 Days of Christmas Gifts marches on.

Little Chef Kit: Books, apron, whisk

Little Chef Kit/Pots and Pans Gift Set for the budding kid chef:

  • Zookies Cooking Apron Set with a wisk, measuring spoons, two cookie cutters, chalk and a recipe book
  • Sassafras Cookie Making Set

I wish there were sets with adult-sized aprons!

Citibabes Store, $95

Whole Foods Gift Cards: Ship for free

Gift cards to Whole Foods can be purchased online in any amount between $20 and $500.

Unlike some other gift cards, they will not lose value over time.

Whole Foods gift cards also ship for free.

Now if only our money stretched further at Whole Paycheck Foods.

(Further/farther grammar lesson)

Popptag Wine Tags: Gifts and re-gifts

The next time you arrive at a party, bottle of red/white/bubbly in hand, surprise your hosts with Popptags.

Special Popptags for the holiday season include: 

              ‘Tis the season to get tipsy!

              You deserve the best.  I could afford this.  Happy Holidays!

Poppags, 3 for $9.95

25 Days of Gifts: Gingerbread boxes

These adorable gingerbread house boxes can upgrade homemade treats to a polished gift.

Fill them with homemade ginger snaps, meringues or truffles. Fill out the tag, tie the red ribbon, and rally your office mates for a Secret Santa gift-swap.

Martha Stewart Crafts, on sale $5.99 for 6 boxes

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