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Book Club: Real Food

Holidays inevitably involve a lot of talk about food, and much of it is guilt-ridden. “This is so bad for me,” “I really shouldn’t be eating this,” and on and on.

At these times I am reminded of what a different perspective I have than most people when it comes to what’s “good” and “bad” for us to eat.

Real Food by Nina Planck will likely convince you, as it did me, that bacon, butter, cream, beef, lard, and other animal fats can in fact be good for us…

…if they are organically/sustainably/humanely/locally raised and produced.

Indulgence by way of responsible consumerism. Works for me. (Yum, butter.)

Larabars: Fruit, Nuts, Simplicity

Can you tell I love Larabars?  This is after I recieved a great package last Christmas.

I think this was enough to last me through… January?

My favorite thing about each flavor of Larabar is the simplicity of ingredients.  Take Pistachio: Dates, Pistachios, Cashews.  Period.

Or Banana Bread: Almonds, Dates, Unsweetened Bananas.

Even a more complicated-sounding flavor such as Key Lime Pie: Dates, Cashews, Almonds, Unsweetened Coconut, Lime Juice Concentrate.

Lovely.  And tasty!

Olives: Delicious, fatty, hopefully on the menu

There are two types of people: those who eat olives and those who do not.

It is hard for me to be friends with people who do not like them. It is very exasperating. I can understand that they are salty. I cannot understand that they should be limited due to fat content. Olive fat has to be one of the best things we can eat. I eat a lot of olives.

These olives are from Otto. An indication of a good Italian or Mediterranean restaurant is olive quality and selection. These were good. Everything else at Otto is good, too.

One of my dining companions for this meal does not like olives. I can’t remember her excuse reasoning. I do remember that it was very exasperating. However, I did get a slightly larger share myself.

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