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Cupboard Staple: Organic Coconut Milk

Organic Coconut Milk is incredibly handy to keep stocked in your cupboard. It deepens the flavor of both savory and sweet dishes, particularly recipes that don’t have much fat from other sources.

Sometimes recipes call for lite coconut milk, which in many cases is simply regular coconut milk plus water. Why pay the same amount for a can of lite coconut milk when I can add water on my own? A ratio of 1:1 with water works well as a substitute for lite coconut milk.

You may often only use half a can of coconut milk for a particular recipe. I transfer the remainder into a glass jar and keep it in the fridge for up to a week. In that time I can almost always find another use: a meat or vegetable curry, a bread or muffin or scone, a lentil or bean dish… the possibilities are limitless.

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