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The Republic of Tea: Superflower Hibiscus

With a picture like this, words seem inadequate by comparison.  Still, I’ll try.  The Republic of Tea has a beautiful and tasty new line of Hibiscus Superflower teas.  Made from Nigerian hibiscus flowers, these herbal teas are rich in Vitamin C and minerals and are caffeine-free.

There are five flavors: natural hibiscus, blueberry, key lime, vanilla apple, and pineapple lychee.

I was lucky enough to be sent a sample of the blueberry by the kind folks at The Republic of Tea.  (How could you work at a place like that and not be a kind and lovely person?)

I was delighted upon brewing my first cup to see that the color is a beautiful redish-purple.  The taste is very refreshing: a bit fruity, a bit sweet, a bit tart.  I’ve been enjoying it hot but as of today- hallelujah, warm weather in NYC!- I just tried some iced.  I am going to be drinking a lot of this come summer and I’m eager to try the other flavors.

Wolfgang Chocolate Fruit Candies

I have to be honest.  I’m not usually the biggest fan of cordial-like chocolates.  Bad memories from low-quality chocolate samplers from my youth, perhaps?

Still, I could pass up the chance to try some fruit-centered dark chocolates from Wolfgang, thanks to Angela and her offer of samples.  100% All-natural fruit and fruit juice?  Preservative and trans-fat free?  Ok!

I let them sit on the counter for a few days until one evening, while watching Mad Men, I decided to give one a try.  I selected the blueberry flavor.  WOAH- delicious!  I reached for another:  raspberry.  Incredible!  Alright, better try the final flavor, cranberry, to compare while the others are still fresh on the taste buds.  Amazing!  The fillings are sweet without being cloying, and there are noticeable pieces of real fruit.

Two other cool things about these Wolfgang fruit chocolates:  they’re pretty healthy (especially the blueberry which is just 80 calories for two) and they’re not expensive ($5.89 for baskets of about 5 ounces).

Buy them online or at many Whole Foods, and discover a kind of chocolate you may have never known could be so tasty!

ME Beverages: Fruity and fun, like… ME!

Some fun, fruity, sexy beverages have hit the neighborhood: ME Beverages!

Caffeine-free, low-cal, free of added sugars, all-natural, and in cute slim 10.5 oz cans, how can you help but love ME?

They’re curious, uninhibited, vivacious and unavailable.

No really… they’re:

  • Curious: Blueberry-Lime.  The curious individual is inquisitive, careful, and eager to know and learn. They are considerate, highly intelligent, understanding, and generally mindful of others.
  • Uninhibited: Pink Grapefruit.  The uninhibited individual is not constrained by societal norms or peer pressure. They are free spirited, open-minded, and eager to experience the unknown. The uninhibited person carves their own path in life.
  • Vivacious: Tangerine Pineapple.  The vivacious individual is animated, energetic, and full of life. This person exudes passion and exhilaration, offering a contagious energy that lifts the spirits of everyone around them.
  • Unavailable: Dragonfruit Blackberry.  The unavailable individual has a strong personality, confident in their position and inner strength. They are a bit intimidating, perceived to be unapproachable, yet they offer a great deal of beauty and insight.

If flavor preferences speak to personality, I guess that means I’m unavailable and uninhibited.

What is your ME horoscope?

Thanks to Camilla for the delicious samples.

Crofter’s Organic Superfruit Spreads!

Crofter’s Organic has a new line of Superfruit Spreads with yummy “exotic” fruits like Maqui Berry and Yumberry.

I was so excited to try these because conventionally-grown berries have some of the highest pesticide loads. Also, these spreads are made with Fair Trade sugar and contain no artificial flavors or preservatives. It’s wonderful to have Crofter’s Organic as a healthy and delicious option in the jam/jelly/preserve/spread department.

There are four Crofter’s Superfruit Flavors and I tried and enjoyed them all.  I’m going to tell them to you in personal preferential order:

1. South American blend: Exotic blend of Maqui Berry and Passionfruit

2. Asian blend: Bright blend of Yumberry and Raspberry

3. European blend: Old world Pomegranate and Black Currant

4. North American blend: Classic Cranberry and Blueberry

The South American blend really is #1, and I’d be curious to find if there’s anyone who disagrees with me.  The passionfruit/Maqui berry combination is an incredible flavor.  The North American blend was my least favorite; there was something about it that tasted a bit “off” to me (not that it prevented me from finishing the jar!).

I enjoyed these as a toast topping and as a greek yogurt mix-in.

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