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Orange Red Carrot Raw Green Bush Tea

Currently loving Republic of Tea‘s new Raw Green Bush Tea– the Orange Red Carrot flavor.


Horchata in Barcelona

As we were planning our trip to Spain for this past July, our good friends Jen and James gave us a great suggestion.

“You must try horchata!”

Horchata?  The Wikipedia entry explained that it is a beverage made from tigernuts.

In Barcelona, we found a cafe advertising horchata.  We entered and ordered one to share.  We were much more excited than the woman who served us, as evidenced from the photo above.

Verdict?  Yummy (me) or “umm… you can have the rest” (Husband).  It reminded me of homemade almond milk, with very small bits of nut discernible, and not too sweet.

FEVER: Fruity, Energizing Beverage

Fever is a new beverage that claims to produce feelings of pleasure and euphoria.

It comes in three flavors:  Kiwi + Strawberry, Pineapple + Coconut, and Mango + Banana.

I tried the Mango + Banana and I liked the flavor.  I can’t say that I felt much effect in terms of energy or mood, but I think I’m a bad judge of this kind of thing.  I also don’t feel much effect from coffee/caffeine.  And, I’m pretty much in a good mood 95% of the time.

Thanks to Lauren for sending me a bottle to sample.

Available at GNC. If you try a bottle, let me know if you feel happier or more energized.

Beer Bottle Glasses: Recycled, reusable art

Aren’t these beer bottle glasses awesome?  Greensboro, NC-based Bodhicitta (on Etsy) melts and fires glass bottles and recreates them into entirely smooth, reusable glasses for juice, milk, water, wine, soda… or beer, if you’re a thinking-inside-the-box type.

I’m not a beer person, but I love the colors and designs.  And little makes me happier than recycling via sustainable re-use.

No Loves It: Zenergize

Even optimists can’t like everything.

Case in point: Zenergize Energy+ Orange Squeeze Flavor. It tastes like an orange-colored alka seltzer, unsweetened.

While I appreciate its lack of artificial sweeteners, a whole tablet is hard to get down. Even knowing it has many vitamins and minerals, I couldn’t help but feel that I’d rather swallow a multi-vitamin tablet. In addition, the Zenergize disc doesn’t dissolve easily, causing unfortunate clumping and odd swallows of flavor.

I’m hoping that some of the other flavors are better, because some do sound more promising: raspberry, peach, and acai+pomegranate.

Coffee: French Press, Dining Car Mug, Bizarre Lack of Addiction

There are two types of people: those who drink coffee and those who don’t.

This is perhaps one of the most decisive splits out there.  Each side is baffled by the other.  “How could you NOT drink it?” versus “How can you DRINK that stuff?”

For me, coffee is so wonderful. The ritual, the warmth, the steam.

Oddly I do not have to have coffee. I can drink it 9 days in a row and on the 10th, forget or get distracted. No pounding head, for which I am thankful.

But… I like it, and am so happy to enjoy it.  So most days I drink it despite lack of caffeine addiction.

This photo is from my cousin’s house in New Paltz, NY. I do not have a french press myself but I enjoy his when I visit.

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