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Soirée Wine Decanter

Soirée is a glass globe that fits into the tops of wine bottles that acts as a decanter.  When the wine is poured, it swirls through the globe before it goes into the wine glass.

I had the pleasure of trying out the Soirée thanks to Marshall Coffy, the Sales Director.

I asked him for tips on which wines to try it with.

He replied, “Soirée is perfect for aerating wines that are tightly structured, have a high alcohol content, or wines that are muted.   For instance, “new world” wines from warm climates will have an enhanced bouquet and show richer flavors when poured with a Soirée.  Yet, even “Old World” wines or white wines will show heightened attributes despite common belief.  Young new world wine however, will present  the most dramatic effect.”

I sampled several wines with the Soirée, side-by-side the un-decanted versions.  Glasses poured through the Soirée were indeed fuller and “juicier.”

I also love how the Soirée comes with its own little stand, perfect for storing upright in a cabinet or even displaying on a kitchen counter or shelf.


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One thought on “Soirée Wine Decanter

  1. When the economy got tight, many vineyards released their wines early, to make up for hemoraging sales. This glut of young tart young wine, along with the tanic, ‘Big Red’, fruit forward style popular now (esp in CA) has created a market need for aerators.

    The Soiree is a great way to instantly add about 30 mins of ‘breathing’ to your wine. No waiting, or holding any whistling contraption in the other hand. Just invert, and enjoy all the luscious flavors the wine maker intended.

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