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Geeta’s Pineapple and Papaya Orange Chutneys

At Whole Foods recently I saw these chutneys on discount due to be discontinued.  The average shopper may be dissuaded by this fact, but I am not the average shopper.  Plus, I love chutneys.  And discounts.

Geeta’s Pineapple Chutney is sweet and mellow.  My only complaint is that the cloves were big and hard to chew.  I ended up eating around the cloves.  Maybe you’re not supposed to eat them in the first place?

Geeta’s Papaya Orange Chutney is spicier (my jar actually said “medium” even though the jar of this flavor above says “mild.”)  It also has a lot of different textures: soft papaya, chewy orange rind, and then again some really annoying cloves and big old cardamom pods.

I love spices and bold flavors- but I think that ground spices are better than whole for chutneys.

I notice on Geeta’s website other cool flavors such as tamarind and mango.  Will have to check those out.


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