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Wheatgrass BOOST by AgroLabs: Shots that Taste Good

I’d heard so many times about how nutritious wheatgrass juice was, but I’d never tried it.  So when AgroLabs contacted me about sending a couple of Wheatgrass BOOST shots my way, I didn’t hesitate.  “Hit me up,” I said.

When it was time to try one, though, my confidence waned.  What if it tasted horrible?  Like… grass… or wheaty grass?

I was shocked when my first sip tasted … good!  As in, really good!  I checked the ingredients, and noticed apple and grape juices and pear and banana purees included.  Aha!

Still- at 20 calories per 3oz bottle, with 100% Daily Value of Vitamin B12, 500% Daily Value of Vitamin B6, and only 5mg (less than 1% Daily Value) of sodium, I’m fine with the added juices as they make my consumption of wheatgrass so pleasurable.  Not to mention the best tasting shot I’ve ever downed.


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