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Our Small but Pretty Kitchen

We moved apartments one year ago Tuesday.  Because we were the first renters of a just-renovated unit, it felt brand new.  (Never mind that the building was built in 1930.)

This is a snapshot of our kitchen from before we even moved in (you can see that there were still a few remnants of the renovation).  What you see is the entire kitchen (or, to be more precise, the kitchen portion of the one room that is our entryway, kitchen, dining room and living room altogether).

So, if you’re ever puzzled by my tendency to seriously simplify recipes or invent multiple uses for one kitchen gadget, the reasoning is: four cubic feet of counter space, junior-sized appliances and cabinets that collectively would comprise just the breakfast cereal portion of most people’s pantries.

But we do think our kitchen is pretty (even if currently no longer as polished as in this photo).  Plus, I view its small size as a fun challenge- and something that bonds non-takeout-food New Yorkers together.  Not to say I don’t look forward to something bigger someday.


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