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its-laS-tik Reusable Fashionable Shopping Bags

Reusable shopping bags were all the rage a few years ago, and a lot of us accumulated quite a few of them.

My mom gave us some for Christmas, Whole Foods gave me one on Earth Day, an artist with a day job at Scoop gave me one outside of their store in SoHo.

Saturation of the market aside, I was really excited when Sue from what’Surbag offered to send me a couple of their bags.  They’ve carved a niche as the only FASHIONABLE, FLEXIBLE & SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE reusable shopping bag.  (what’Surbag and its-laS-tik extend their creativity into spelling and capitalization as well!)

The bags come in a dazzling array of solids, metallics and patterns.  They are manufactured in New Orleans in a factory destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and rebuilt by survivors.  5% of sales of these bags are donated to NOLA’s Hope House.

I really love using these bags.  They’re more durable than my giveaways and more flexible than the Christmas gift (but still love those, Mom!).  Sue told me that she created the graffiti style with New Yorkers in mind.  The other I have is a silver metallic (“skyline“) that has gotten compliments as my purse!

I would recommend these bags especially for city dwellers who walk home from stores since they bounce a bit as you walk which lightens the load.  I’d also recommend them for anyone looking for a more chic and durable reusable bag who appreciates helping out a good cause in the process.


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