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Popchips! Exclamation deserved!

Longtime fans of Smorgasbite may recall a post I wrote about Tostitos Baked! SCOOPS! “Exclamation theirs, not mine” I clarified in the subtitle.

In the case of popchips!, graciously sent to me by Emma, a different subtitle is in order: “Exclamation deserved!”

Within a week of receiving them in the mail, my dear friend Alison happened to be at my apartment several times.  Each time, popchips! were offered as snackage; she accepted.  Each time, additional popchips! were offered for her to take with her; she accepted.  My popchips! were gone. (!) (Exclamation deserved!)

Alison emailed me yesterday to let me know she was eating her final popchips! bag as an afternoon snack and to thank me (again.  Alison is a very generous thank-er.)

I replied, “Maybe you should write my smorgasbite post about them since you ate most of them 😉 What do you have to say about pop chips?”

She replied, “Hahaha—right. (no regrets about cleaning you out of your chips . . . ): ”

Then she got on to her review: “Crisp, savory flying saucers of delight in my mouth! Immensely satisfying in the morning, the afternoon, or at night (yes—I’m living alone without a “meal routine.”) And such cool branding/typography. The next great POP in an impressive family that already includes Pop Art, Popeye, Popples, and that term midwestern people use for soda.”

Brilliant, Alison, you are now an official Smorgasbite author! Exclamation for you! And for popchips!


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