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KIND Bars: Non-granola bars

So many bars have granola in them I tend to think of them all as “granola bars.”

KIND bars, however, are non-granola bars.  They’re fruit and nut (and sometimes frosting!) bars.

Charlie was KIND enough to send me some to sample (sorry, couldn’t help it).  I’ll rank my top three flavorites (yup, sorry):

1. Passion Fruit Macadamia

Passion Fruit Macadamia has a very strong passion fruit flavor, which is tropical and a little pucker-inducing… in a good way (in my opinion at least).  This KIND bar is also enhanced with Vitamin B.

2. Fruit & Nuts in Yogurt

The yogurt is really like frosting which makes this bar dessert-like and delicious.   The nuts and fruits are in large pieces.  It’s gluten free and wheat free.

3. Walnut & Date

Anyone who loves dates and walnuts will love this bar.  Sweet in that wonderfully natural date-y way.

A lot more information (and likely better descriptions) at KINDsnacks.com.  KIND lovers can also check out the frequent-buyer Advantage program.


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