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Moosewood Cookbook 4-Seasons Recipe Deck

We’ve all (likely) heard of The Moosewood Cookbook from the people at The Moosewood Restaurant, but how about The Moosewood Recipe Deck?

Moosewood Restaurant Farm Fresh Meals Deck: 5- Delicious Recipes for Every Season is a collection of 50 recipe cards that fit into the box.  They are divided by season, so each season’s recipes use produce and other ingredients appropriate to that time of year.  There is a mixture of main courses (pastas, casseroles, sandwiches), sides (soups, salads, vegetables) and desserts (cookies, pies, and puddings) for each season so that you can plan an entire menu very easily.

Another benefit to the cards is that you can throw one or three into your bag before heading to the store without being weighed down by a whole book.

I have tried several of the recipes from this deck and found them all to really highlight seasonal flavors and not use too many ingredients (a big plus in my book deck).

Thanks to Jessica for sending me a copy to review.


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