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Himalasalt Zen Salt Cube with Zester

Salt gets a bad rap- especially in NYC now that Bloomberg announced his anti-salt campaign- but the truth is that not all salt is created equal.

Himalasalt is to white table salt as farm-fresh cream is to Crisco.

Follow me?  One is a natural earthly product, healthy in moderate quantities and capable of turning a ho-hum dish into something incredible.  The other is the highly processed factory step-child of the first, leaving little to none of the original intact.  Yet, somehow it’s become common to lump the two together under the banner of poor health and sinful hedonism.

Himalasalt is a pale pink finishing salt that was created 250 million years ago when the earth was still pristine.  In addition to many pre-crushed salts, Himalasalt also has two new products that are in larger slab- or cube- form:

  • Zen Cube, pictured above, comes with a cute “zester” so that cooks (and eaters) can freshly grate the pink salt cube onto food.  Mine has lasted a very long time and stores well.
  • Sushi Salt Slabs are large (think dessert plate-sized), square, 1+-inch thick slabs of pink salt for making and serving sushi.  I also used mine for serving other foods such as appetizers.

Himalasalt‘s packaging is beautiful and they offer gift boxes too.  Thanks to Sue for having samples sent my way.

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