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Central Park Picnic: Retrospective

My nostalgia for warm weather continues.  Thankfully I’m currently in the Bay Area which is at least thirty degrees warmer than New York (though still thirty degrees shy of my ideal).

Last July, with temperatures delightfully high, I had a date one evening with my friends Adam and Jenny for a New York Philharmonic concert.  We agreed on a picnic before the music started.  Jenny brought a cold bottle of white wine and some fresh apples and plums.  I had thrown together some packages pretzels, dried fruit, etc before leaving home.

My random assortment was immediately overlooked upon seeing Adam’s contributions.  Homemade eggplant carbonata.  Heirloom tomatoes with garlic to top homemade olive oiled herbed crostini.  A cheese plate assembled by the fromage section of Whole Foods.  Something salmon, I think.  Several other things I am forgetting.

It was wonderful.  I highly recommend being friends with Adam.  (And Jenny, the wine was classic.)

Next time I will up my game!

central park nyc

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