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Blissoma Skincare: 100% Natural

Blissoma is a line of skincare solutions that is 100% natural.  It describes itself as “a compact range of bio-conscious skincare focused on raw, organic, unprocessed, and nutrient dense ingredients.”

The full line includes 4 moisturizers, 2 toners, a brown rice cream cleanser, creamy Rhassoul clay mask, and an antioxidant sprayable lotion (used for the prevention and healing of UV damage).

Thanks to Julie, I was lucky to have the opportunity to try the cleanser, one of the moisturizers, and one of the toners (images above).

The mild rice cleanser is exactly how it sounds: mild and white, with a medium thickness, and a touch of oil.

The toner is very light and refreshing.  It comes in a mist bottle which can be sprayed onto the skin or onto a facial pad.

The evening facial creme is pea-green in color with a thin consistency.  It’s mildness makes it well suited for a thin application before bed.

I found all three products to live up to Blissoma’s claim of being just one step away from original plant materials.  They’re earthy, fresh and mild.   I wouldn’t prescribe them for a teenage boy with an acne problem, but for anyone with all-around healthy skin looking for upkeep with ingredients they can feel good about, I would recommend this line.

Take a closer look and purchase at Blissoma online or at select Whole Foods stores.


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