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Lifeway Kefir: For those of us who drank Yo-J and then grew up

There is a generation of us who grew up in the 1980s who happened to be the right age when Yo-J came out and was extremely popular for a brief time.  It was like milk and juice mixed together, yet somehow all of the flavors turned out extremely vibrantly hued… hot pink, blueish purple… and we loved it.

Fast forward a couple decades, and we now have an option to enjoy dairy and fruit fusion in a beverage- conveniently available at Whole Foods and Target, but with roots 2,000 years old from the Caucasus Mountains.

Kefir!  Lifeway has a delicious line of lowfat kefir which it describes as “cultured fruit smoothies.”  They have 10 strains of live probiotic cultures, known to enhance the immune system and aid in nutrient absorption.  I sampled the plain, vanilla and strawberry flavors.  They have pretty colors, but in comfortingly subdued hues.   I enjoyed them particularly mixed with granola and other cereals.  They have a sweet but tangy zip (but taste nothing like Miracle Whip, promise).

Thanks to Erin for sending me some to try, and be sure to check out Lifeway Kefir.


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