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Alaskan Salmon: Flash-Frozen and Flown-In

I love salmon.  Some people think it’s too “fishy” compared to whiter fish, but to me that’s a selling point.

I was thrilled to be contacted by Christine on behalf of Alaska Seafood, who coordinated a shipment so that I would be able to try some Alaskan Salmon and also provided the following information.

Frozen Alaska seafood is one of the highest-quality seafood choices available. It’s flash-frozen within hours of the catch—in fact, it’s often frozen at sea.

The website www.alaskaseafood.org is loaded with information about the Alaska seafood industry, including species, health and nutrition, sustainability, and cooking techniques and recipes.

When the salmon was unpacked from the box to my refrigerator, some rearranging was necessary so that the fish would fit!  I put the pear in the photo to provide a relative measure.  It was so beautifully pink, just barely thawed, with firm flesh, and skin still intact on the underside.

I baked it very simply, with a sprinkle of Fox Point dried spice mix (Penzey’s) on top.  Amazingly delicious.

Thanks to Christine and to Alaska Seafood!


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2 thoughts on “Alaskan Salmon: Flash-Frozen and Flown-In

  1. So happy you got to enjoy some fresh Alaskan salmon! There are few things better in this world!

    I have to say though- as someone who is lucky enough to be an Alaskan and thus have eaten salmon so fresh that it’s cooking two hours after I caught it- I disagree that salmon is SUPPOSED TO taste “more fishy” than other types of fish. In fact, it’s really kind of a pet peeve of mine to hear people say that.

    In my experience, any time ANY fish tastes more fishy, it’s because of the time between it being caught (dying) and it being processed…namely having the guts and such pulled out. If you fillet a fish and put it on ice immediately after catching it, it won’t have any of that increased fishy taste. If it sits for too long with out getting ice into its inner cavity and having the viscera pulled out, it’ll start to taste more and more fishy…

    Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Alaskan seafoods, I have some very close friends who are commercial fisherpeople and I fully support their products getting out there…But I think that fishy taste is an unfortunate consequence of what it takes to catch fish enmasse and get them ready for sending out around the country.

  2. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for your comment. I guess I’d always assumed that others’ grumblings about fishy fish was just a difference in their taste buds, but maybe it’s that I’m picky about the quality of the fish that I eat, which results in superior product and better taste.
    Thanks for reading Smorgasbite!

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