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Intelligent Nutrients Hair/Skin Care, Supplements

Last spring was the launch of an exciting new line of hair care, skin care, aromatics and nutraceutical supplements: Intelligent Nutrients.

Intelligent Nutrients is 100% organic.  It was developed by the founder of Aveda (and active environmentalist), Horst Rechelbacher.  Aveda is from Minnesota, like me.  But that’s not the only reason I like it!

I had the opportunity to try a whole gamut of Intelligent Nutrient products.  As you can see, they are all beautifully (but not overly) packaged.

I’ll highlight my favorites out of all of the types:

1.  Spray-On Detangler :  I have very fine hair that is incredibly prone to tangles.  I’ve never consistently used detangler, though, since I wasn’t confident in its origins or its effectiveness.  Intelligent Nutrients Detangler was very helpful while not weighing my hair down.  Its smell is fresh and light- not toxic at all!

2. Lip Delivery Nutrition (aka Lip Balm): This lip balm is great!  I love the tall, thin shape and its sweet smell.  It really “wakes up” the lips, so to speak.  And apparently it’s nutritious for them, too- score.

3. Intellimune Tablets : These are soft, crunchy pebbles that come in a bottle.  They’re chewable and a little bit “seedy” and a little bit “fruity.”  I really got used to them and now I really look forward to eating my dose (2-4 pebbles) each day.  They’re antioxidantly potent, which helps me feel better (psychologically at minimum) on those days where coffee, take-out and wine make up the rest of my intake.  (Though coffee and wine each have a lot of antioxidants too, right?)

4. Certified Organic Hair Balm : Long live hair balm!  It’s very helpful for people with fine hair (see #1), for people whose hair likes to do “its own thing,” or for people who live in humid climates: ie, for nearly everyone.  This hair balm actually reminds me a lot of Aveda’s hair stick which is shaped like a deodorant stick and deserves serious credit for keeping me and my sister looking halfway decent during high school swim seasons.

Check out the Intelligent Nutrient website for more info on each of these products as well as many more.


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