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Vivesana Organic, Eco Sunscreen SPF 40+

We all hear about the importance of wearing sunscreen, but the less common side story is that not all sunscreens are made from the same ingredients.

Vivesana organic sunscreens take that side story and make it a headline.

It created the first 100% natural sun care with the highest all-natural SPF (40 & 42) on the market.  It also uses exclusively United States-grown organics and sustainable, BPA-free packaging.  Botanicals, like jojoba and apricot, hydrate and nourish.  Potent antioxidants, like green tea and raspberry seed, help scavenge radicals and repair damaged cells.  Minerals, like zinc oxide, provide broad spectrum protection. Soothing extracts, like chamomile, help comfort skin exposed to the elements.

Sound too good to be true?  It is, almost.  Two points of caution:

1. Get ready to rub.  Such a high SPF means you’ll be sporting a whitish tint for a while after applying.

2. At $29-$32 for 2.25 oz, it’s not cheap.  However, it’s dense- a little goes a long way.


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3 thoughts on “Vivesana Organic, Eco Sunscreen SPF 40+

  1. marsha on said:

    use the friendfamily25 coupon code at checkout for a 25% discount.

  2. JamesD on said:

    Thanks for the useful info. It’s so interesting

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