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State of Mind Water

    I recently tried a new kind of bottled water: State of Mind Water.  The bottles caught my eye because of their inspirational words: Believe, Love, Compassion and Peace.

    I generally avoid using plastic bottles, but these I could feel pretty good about.  The water is fancily filtered to be very safe and pure and has a balanced pH.  Plus, the bottles are 100% oxo-biodegradable.

    State of Mind’s founder, Laura Thereza, says, “If you are going to carry a bottle of water, why not carry something positive?!”  Good point.

    What’s more, if you passed someone on the sidewalk who was being obnoxious you could kindly remind them to exhibit good behavior by pointing to your water bottle.


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One thought on “State of Mind Water

  1. I really like the theme for these water bottles. A positive message goes a long way. My question is why are they are using are oxo-degradable plastic? Oxo-degradable means that their bottles degrade into smaller and smaller pieces. An oxo-degradable bottle doesn’t go away; the particles just get to small to see. We looked at both the PLA (Corn starch) plastics and oxo-degradable plastic bottles and decided that we needed a product that was more environmentally friendly. Neither the PLA nor Oxo-degradable was an environmentally friendly alternative so we developed a biodegradable PET plastic bottle. The ENSO plastic bottle will break down in a landfill environment and produce gases that can be used to produce clean energy. I still think they have a great product, but I would be more positive if they used a plastic bottle that biodegraded.


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