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LOFT Organic Spicy Ginger Liqueur Caipirina

Happy hour was especially delicious last night thanks to LOFT Organic Liqueur— specifically, the Spicy Ginger Cello (pictured furthest left).

I made the following cocktail with it and it was delicious.  Strong and not too sweet, which is how I like ’em.  If you like your cocktails sweet, add some simple syrup.  And if you’re a lightweight, cut the recipe in half (or better yet, share).

I added ice cubes on top of the muddled limes before adding the alcohols, then stirred.

Spicy Ginger Caipirina

2 oz LOFT Ginger Cello
2 ½ oz cachaca rum
¾ of a whole lime cut into 8 pieces (about 6 pcs.)

Muddle lime before adding other ingredients.  Do not strain. Serve in rocks glass.


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One thought on “LOFT Organic Spicy Ginger Liqueur Caipirina

  1. thanks for sharing! i love the idea of the lavender liqueur!

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