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Re-Zenergized About Zenergize

I wasn’t so energized about Zenergize at first, but thanks to a shipment from the company, I was able to try four additional flavors, all of which were… re-Zenergizing! (Ie, tastier than the orange flavor.)

Acai + Pomegranate Super-v, Lemon Lime Hydrate, Raspberry + Green Tea Burn, and Peach + Green Tea Burn are all pretty good.  Just be sure to let the tablet completely dissolve before you take a sip!  The Acai + Pomegranate is my favorite: the flavor has just a hint of tartness, and the purple color is lovely.

I laughed when I saw the “burn” flavors advertising weight loss.  I’m not interested in that myself, but it seems to be a recurring theme now that I am engaged.  As soon as my relationship status on Facebook changed to “engaged,” I noticed that most of the advertisements on the sidebar of Facebook are now geared toward “wedding weightloss,” “diet for the big day,” etc.  And much of the wedding planning process assumes that all women of course would want to lose weight: Bridal Bootcamp, Get Hot Before the Honeymoon.  I’m not even making these up!  I’m sure men, however fat, aren’t preyed on in this way by advertisers and vendors.  Kind of a depressing state of the union (pardon the pun).


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2 thoughts on “Re-Zenergized About Zenergize

  1. Hilary, we are so glad you liked the other flavors. I am the President of Bevology makers of Zenergize and our goal is to have consumers like just one of our healthy beverages, and now you like 4! We are a small company fighting our way through this economy. Our product is healthy, green (10 drinks in every tube vs ten Vitamin Water bottles!) easy to use and a great value at less than .69 per drink. If you need more samples to share with your friends just let me know. Thanks for helping to spread the message of health!!



  2. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for commenting on the post! I linked each flavor separately with its page on your website with nutrition information because it’s so impressive all the good stuff you manage to squish into each tablet (without the bad stuff).

    Don’t even get me going on Vitamin Water! I heard they may be taxed as soft drinks and I would support that. So much sugar and an environmental trainwreck.

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