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100 Foods for Energy, Eyesight, Sleep, Health

“Top 100 Foods to Improve Your Productivity” on Foodproof.

From the list:

  • Top foods for energy include: eggplant, raisins, lima beans
  • Top foods for improving digestion and sleep include: black beans, bran cereal, avocado
  • Top foods for eyesight include: strawberries, carrots, smoothies
  • Top foods for avoiding colds and other illnesses include: orange juice, bell peppers, green tea

I find lists of this nature to be a little silly, but still: I love them.

The general message of always to eat more nutrient-dense foods: fruits, vegetables, fish and whole grains.

Putting it into a format like this is more exciting.  An instant tonic for our worries and ailments!  Or, in the least, a reminder of some super foods to work into our diets.

(via Huffington Post)


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One thought on “100 Foods for Energy, Eyesight, Sleep, Health

  1. I have always believed that I could improve my eyesight naturally but after doing exercises for periods of time, I realized that it had more to do with underlying health than anything. So i’ve been working on improving my overall health first and that makes a difference.

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