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Hand-Woven Table Runner

Hand-Woven Table Runner by Frederick, South Dakota-based Annikki Marttila, a.k.a. Finnish Weaver on Etsy.  It’s on sale for $38.

I love table runners because they look nice during mealtime and non-mealtime alike.  They can be complemented by placemats, but that’s optional.  I love the colors in this runner; bright but neutral.

My aunt Peggy also lives in South Dakota, near the border with Wyoming, and is a talented weaver.  She gave me a beautiful grey rug on one condition: that I would use it.  She didn’t want me to keep it on a shelf to “preserve” it.  Its tag reads: “By Peggy and Her Sheep.”


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2 thoughts on “Hand-Woven Table Runner

  1. Thanks so much for featuring my runner!

    And about using rugs: That’s the great thing about weaving — I get to create a piece of art that will actually be used and enjoyed on a daily basis.

  2. Annikki,

    Thanks for the comment. Your work is beautiful.

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