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The Impossibility of February, Maira Kalman

man dances on salt by maira kalman

“The Impossibility of February” by Maira Kalman from her blog on The New York Times online, And The Persuit of Happiness.

The Impossibility of February.  Read it.  I was fortunate enough to meet Maira Kalman in early 2008 at an intimate gathering to celebrate the publication of The Princples of Uncertainty.

I was transfixed by how her eclectic, almost frenzied, candidness about things sad, lonely, and unresolved allow her have an aura that is markedly peaceful, collected and content.

For each person to discover the craft that best channels one’s own raw, gritty core–be it painting or poetry, guitar or gardening, jogging or just sitting in silence–is the path to organic happiness.

The kind of happiness you don’t have to try for.

The type of happiness you don’t have to convince yourself of.

The manner of happiness you don’t put on a show about.

The sort of happiness that makes February, well, possible.

The man dances on salt.


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