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Red Beets, Golden Beets, Oven-Roasted

I do not understand how anyone dislikes beets.

I like vegetables more than most, I admit.  Yet, with most vegetable aversions I can sympathize.

Broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus?  I get it.  I hated these growing up.

Brussels sprouts, green beans, spinach?  I can see it.  They’re bad when overcooked.

Radishes, dandelion greens, raw cabbage?  I hear you.  I still don’t love these myself.

But beets?  Beets are delightful.  Beets are sweet.  Beets are the candy of vegetables.  Beets are nearly impossible to overcook. Beets can be eaten plain, sliced into salads, blended into soups, tossed with hard-boiled eggs, pickled sweet or gussied up with olive oil and garlic.  Beets are delicious and lovely.  They taste like dessert, did I mention that?

And, beets are pretty.  These beets are a surprise hybrid born out of roasting red and golden beets together in a packet of tinfoil, thrown into a 400F oven for an hour.


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2 thoughts on “Red Beets, Golden Beets, Oven-Roasted

  1. Beets and Butter, it’s a household favorite!

  2. Beets and Butter, B&B, yum.

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