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Red Flower Bloom Bowl

Bloom Bowl by Chris Kabatsi for Arktura, a Los Angeles-based company that crafts beautiful and sustainable furniture, housewares and architecture.

The majority of our products are made using durable long-lasting materials with high recycled content, that produce zero landfill waste form manufacture; and, at the end of their life cycle are fully recyclable. We also use high quality zero VOC finishes, which release no toxins into the environment during application or in situ. Our firm is committed to energy sustainability through solar and wind power.

This bowl, $98, would be beautiful on a coffee table to hold newspapers, as a centerpiece on a dining room table, or on a kitchen counter to keep fruit.


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2 thoughts on “Red Flower Bloom Bowl

  1. Jason Swenson on said:

    I bought a few of these as Christmas gifts for a bunch of family members, everyone loved them! My mother even went on to buy a coral coffee table from arktura to compliment the bowl!

  2. Hi Jason,

    You’re a generous gift giver. Maybe we’re third cousins twice removed?

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