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Produce in Season Chart

Produce in Season from Foundry:

Keep track of the freshest produce in season. Display it in your kitchen, or keep it tucked away with your favourite recipe books and your culinary delights will never have tasted so good.

As you may have guessed by the spelling of favourite, Foundry’s not an American company.  In fact, it’s Australian with Italian and Dutch influences.  Which leads me to believe that “Produce in Season” may be obselete (or at best, confusing) for those of us in the US.

Still, we can all appreciate pretty charts with fun information to read after we’ve memorized the cereal box.  (Or Marmite bottle or clotted cream liter litre or whatever.)

(Via SwissMiss)


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One thought on “Produce in Season Chart

  1. Thank you Smorgasbite for publishing our product, Produce in season :-). Just thought I would let you know that it is designed to work worldwide, as it works by hemisphere, and season – so it is a really good general guide for the freshest fruit and vegetables wherever you are in the world…

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