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Dad’s Ham, Olive and Tomato Sandwiches

Ham, olive and tomato sandwiches (H.O.T.s): The new B.L.T.s!

Recipe by Dad

1. Make a B.L.T just like always except:

Swap leftover Christmas ham for the bacon;

Swap pimento-stuffed green olives for the lettuce;

Keep the tomato;

Add mayo or mustard to a bun

2. Assemble and devour.

Note: This tastes best when eaten in the company of your dad.  Especially if your dad loves leftovers as much as mine.


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4 thoughts on “Dad’s Ham, Olive and Tomato Sandwiches

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  2. Just had another three little sandwiches, nearly identical to the ones profiled. Ymmm, good!

    Got my (cold) morning exercise running both ways to Great Clips at the Hub for the ol’ haircut. Upon return and shower, warmed up ham with the new fry pan which warmed me up! Ate some unadorned brocolli along with it. Washed down with last of a quart of eggnog, with a little rum and milk. Ymmm, good!

    Vikings coming on soon, they finally sold all their tickets so it’s on TV.

    Hasta, dad

  3. Hi Dad,

    Sounds like your kind of day!

    Love you.

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