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Dwarf Orange, Lemon, Lime Trees

A citrus tree would be a great buffer against the letdown that generally comes after the holidays.  January and February are loooong months, even in non-Leap Years.

Unfortunately they’re only recommended for planting in Zones 8-11, which are least affected by Seasonal Affect Disorder.  And are home to the tannest people.  Unfair.

Varieties available: Meyer Lemon, Clementine Mandarin, Trovita Orange, Yuzu and Mexican Lime.

Sur La Table, $60


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2 thoughts on “Dwarf Orange, Lemon, Lime Trees

  1. Dwarf citrus trees perform well in pots. My lime tree is indoors by a window and flowering and producing limes right now. It spends the summer on the porch to get plenty of sun and add new growth.

  2. Hi Cat,

    Thanks for commenting. That’s good to know. What type of climate do you live in?

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