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Barefoot Contessa at Crate & Barrel

Just received word that Ina Garten, aka Barefoot Contessa, will be sampling her new Red Velvet Cupcake Mix at Crate & Barrel on the Upper East Side (650 Madison Ave, Manhattan) next Thursday, 12/11/08, from 4-6pm.

I’m assuming she’s going to assemble and bake the cupcakes before sampling.  The dry mix might not taste that great.

If there’s anyone I’d trust with making food taste good, it would be Ina Garten, so I’m confident she has this figured out.


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2 thoughts on “Barefoot Contessa at Crate & Barrel

  1. I agree with you – Ina can make anything taste good… and look pretty, for that matter!

  2. Hi Kara!
    I expected her cookbooks to be intimidating but they’re surprisingly approachable. Still, she’s so casual about having “a few friends over for a last-minute brunch”… whereas it’s actually a 12-top with 3 main dishes, 7 side dishes, 12 types of bread/pastry….

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