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Gift: Bamboo Straws from Laos, Fair Trade

Bamboo Party Straws are an eco-conscious gift because they’re made from nature and replace disposable straws.

They are a global-justice-conscious gift because they are Fair Trade.

They’re also a fun gift:

In Laos, the Khamu use bamboo straws during festivals and special occasions. They place a pottery jar full of a local brewed alcohol on the ground and drink it with these straws at a length of 1 meter long.

Gift them so someone who loves to host parties (and invites you to them).

Global Exchange Fair Trade Online Store, $16.95 for 12 straws in a handwoven cotton bag

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4 thoughts on “Gift: Bamboo Straws from Laos, Fair Trade

  1. Melissa Imboden on said:

    That is such a great store! My work orders stuff from there all the time for contest prizes, etc.

  2. Hilary on said:

    Hi Melissa,
    Yeah, I’m impressed- the website is full of great stuff. What a good idea to use it through work. They have gift baskets, too.

  3. Sleepy on said:

    Thanks for sharing the website! These bamboo straw recommendation comes in handy. I’ve been looking for an eco-friendly straws for a long time now. Thanks!

  4. Hilary on said:

    Hi Sleepy,
    I like straws too! They even make plain water fun to drink.

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