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Thanksgiving in School

I haven’t felt as conflicted about a political issue in quite a while.  What’s your take?

Either way…

Happy Thanksgiving!


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2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in School

  1. Sleepy on said:

    Wow, I feel like people are thinking too much. When I see kids dressed up as pilgrims and Native Americans, am I going to think, oh no, these kids are discriminating against a certain population? No. I’ll say aww, they are so cute. Everybody has the right to wear what he or she wants to. I think what’s important is that, aside from the kids’ having fun dressing up on Thanksgiving (another day to dress up other than on Halloween), the teachers should set aside some time to let the kids know the meaning behind Thanksgiving and teach the kids not to discriminate. If you just tell the kids that, no, you cannot dress up anymore for Thanksgiving, I think they are just going to be confused.

  2. Hilary on said:

    I tend to agree with you, Sleepy. Kids just want to dress up and have fun, and I think they’re more likely to remember what the teacher teaches them if it is part of a special day. Perhaps a compromise could be to have kids dress up as actual historical figures (or heck, even vegetables!) from the era. Being politically correct doesn’t have to mean taking away fun.

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