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Seasonal Staple: Organic canned pumpkin

It’s hard to decide when pumpkins are most prominent: Halloween as jack o’ lanterns or Thanksgiving as pie filling. I use pumpkin all season long in a variety of recipes. It’s exceptionally healthy (arguably more nutritious than squash) and can be combined with complementary flavors in both sweet and savory dishes.

I love fresh, raw produce as much as any other cook. But, for certain foods I swear by frozen or canned versions. Pumpkin is one of them. Farmer’s Market Organic makes cooking with pumpkin fast, convenient, simple and perhaps best of all: no stringy slime, no gobby gook on every surface, no mess.

Unless it’s time to eat my centerpieces, or, I don’t know, test out a new kitchen mop, canned pumpkin it is and will be.


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