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28 Casseroles, 1 Full Stomach, 3 Brushes with Fame

This is what the inside of my stomach looked like after the Casserole Crazy Cook-Off. Minus the plates and stickers; I was too full to eat those.

The cook-off was fun in a competitive sort of way.

I was surprised by how seriously everyone took the competition. After they announced the winners (neither me nor one of the few people I had chatted with), may of the losers were visibly disturbed.

“Why didn’t mine win?” I overheard one woman bark at Harry Rosenblum, a judge (and co-owner of The Brooklyn Kitchen) while she severely violated his personal space. I felt bad for him, but Harry took it in stride: “Needed more flavor” he replied bluntly.

Two other brushes with fame: Emily Farris herself, the host and author of Casserole Crazy, and Cathy Erway, author of the blog Not Eating Out in New York and gracious last-minute fill-in judge. I am also indebted to Cathy for the above photo, since I was too hot and greasy to take a proper picture myself.


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4 thoughts on “28 Casseroles, 1 Full Stomach, 3 Brushes with Fame

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  2. Sounds like a fun event — good food and good human drama.

  3. Hi there, I was one of the entrants. I was a loser, but not a sore one. 🙂 Poor Harry. My recipe was based on a kickass cheese soup I’ve perfected, but after adding noodles, onion and chicken the flavor was diluted. I admit it was really just OK. Lesson learned, do not agree to cooking contest 2 days before and not test your recipe. I had a really good time though and can’t wait for next year. I will bring the casserole thunder! I didn’t see any breakfast entries and thought that might be fun…. or a dessert casserole.
    -Grace   http://www.FearlessCooking.tv

  4. Yeah, I realized too late that I should have added more salt. I still thought it was pretty good, though.

    Next year I’ll come with more of a game face.

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