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Book Club “Lite”: Gourmet Magazine

Books (and book clubs) are great and all, but sometimes–during a busy subway commute or late at night– reading a full page of text (and then turning the page and doing it all over again) aggravates A.D.D. or exhaustion.

At these times, captions and blurbs of text are more manageable. Especially if they’re interspersed with pictures.

My first nomination for Book Club Lite: Gourmet Magazine. Fancy ingredients and innovative techniques, but straightforward recipes. And for people who’ve always preferred pictures to words: the photographs are BIG.

I’ve decided to make several of this month’s holiday recipes in advance, to give you a heads up in case you might want to use some of Gourmet’s recipes at your Thanksgiving table.


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9 thoughts on “Book Club “Lite”: Gourmet Magazine

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